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Big money is at stake


The process is overwhelming


One mistake could cost thousands


You have other things to do


Hiring a lawyer must have a cost (it doesn’t)

We bring an experienced team of attorneys, appraisers, engineers, planners, and other consultants to your corner. There is no cost to you – Florida law requires the government to pay our fees in addition to all compensation you are entitled to.

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We’ve been there.  Not just as counsel – we have had our own land taken too.  We’ll provide you with the same cutting-edge strategies and relentless pursuit for justice that we used in our own case, and many others.

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What Makes Our Strategies Work?

Even the most sophisticated property owners often have no understanding of what they are entitled to in a government taking case, or how to obtain it.  Government takings are controlled by a maze of laws and hidden strategies that can be used either by you to maximize compensation and other benefits, or by the government to deny you what you are owed.   

We know the maze and can take you through it.  And the better you do, the better we do.  Florida law requires the government to pay us based on how much we help you.  The more benefits we obtain for you, the more the government is required to pay our firm.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Joe handled a taking of land that has been in our family for generations.  Joe’s team got us a settlement far exceeding any of our expectations.  We have used their team on multiple cases, they are the best.”

Richard Redgrave

Property Manager

“Simply put, Joe, you have changed my business dynamics and I will approach ventures and exit ventures better and differently here forward.”

Keith Holcomb

Property Owner

“We as a company and I personally have leaned on Joe’s superior advice and judgment and have always received outstanding results. I have the highest level of respect for this firm.”

Billy Bishop

Principle, BishopBeale Real Estate Group

Real Estate matters carry high stakes.  We bring an experienced team of real estate attorneys and advisors to your corner to help you get it done right, when it counts the most. 

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