Our Firm

We help clients evaluate structure, negotiate and close real estate deals. We also handle litigation matters, evictions, leases, management, and loan dispute matters.


Our Story

During my last year of law school Judge Ricky Polston, now the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, asked me what I planned to do after law school. I told him I planned on starting a law firm. His response: “See me in chambers.” Judge Polston convinced me to find the best lawyers and train under them. I took his advice, joining what I believe is one of the most talented law firms in the country.

Several years later, the real estate market crashed and I began receiving calls from property owners seeking help with failed real estate projects. Our firm could not take the cases due to its representation of lenders in these matters. So I formed Joseph D. Ort, P.L., and set out to solve our client’s real estate problems.

One of the most rewarding parts of our work is seeing those clients move from a dark place to now profitable real estate ventures. Our firm enjoys helping clients solve problems and build wealth. We intentionally stayed small, limiting the number of cases we took and resisting the temptation of unbridled growth. I hand-picked each member of our team, selecting only candidates offering traits I would want in one handling my own legal matters. I hope your experience with our firm exceeds your expectations, and creates a new impression of what a law firm can offer.



“Simply put, Joe, you have changed my business dynamics and I will approach ventures and exit ventures better and differently here forward.”

-Keith Holcomb, Property Owner

“Joe was both patient and diligent as we worked together through a challenging lease negotiation process. I’m glad that he was part of our team, and I look forward to working with him again”

-Toby Scrivner, Broker, Stan Johnson Company

“Joseph D. Ort and his team of professionals are the choice legal firm for BishopBeale’s corporate real estate transactions. Joe has the ability to navigate complex issues and has played an integral role in BishopBeale’s strategy, growth and implementation over the past 5 years. We as a company and I personally have leaned on his superior advice and judgment and have always received outstanding results. I have the highest level of respect for this firm.”

-Billy Bishop, Principal, BishopBeale Real Estate Group

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