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Dragnet Clauses in Florida

What do the commercial fishing and banking industries have in common? They both use dragnets. Based on the following review and analysis of Florida jurisprudence, it appears that commercial fishermen have been more successful in their use of dragnets than have Florida’s bankers. The commercial fishing industry literally applies the maxim of casting as wide…

Two Ort Law Attorneys Awarded Board Certification

  •  September 18, 2014
  •  FILED UNDER: Firm News

Congratulations to Joe Ort and Philip Holtsberg on achieving board certification in Real Estate from The Florida Bar. There are around 100,000 licensed attorneys in Florida. There are only around 500 attorneys board certified in real estate- less than 1%. The Florida Bar determines who should be awarded board certification by conducting peer reviews, evaluating…

Our Blog: Open Conversation for Real Estate Professionals

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new blog. We set this blog up to provide our clients and the real estate professionals we work with a forum to trade ideas and concepts. Have an idea for an article? Send it to us. Have a comment on one of our articles, let us…

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